Dress Code

On the Golf Course

On the Golf Course
Acceptable Dress
• Recognised golf clothing as determined by convention or golf fashion must be worn at all time.
• Golf shoes with socks must be worn and soft spikes are preferred.
• Trousers, shorts or skirts must be tailored and additionally for men we respectfully expect shirts should be tucked in.
Unacceptable Dress
Items that are not considered recognised golf clothing include:
• all denim,
• Trousers, Shorts - those of cargo or combat style,
• Beach or athletic wear
• casual sports clothing
• hats / caps worn askew or backwards.
Note that the golf course includes practice areas and putting greens.

In the Clubhouse

In the Clubhouse
‘Smart casual’ is considered to be dress that is respectful to the circumstances. It does not define the
type of clothing but does require minimum standards of presentation.
• ‘Smart ‘denim (i.e. not ripped, cut-off, frayed or distressed) for instance, will be considered
acceptable in the Clubhouse
• Smart shirts designed to be worn outside trousers, shorts or skirts and
• modern casual shoes including smart trainers, sandals without socks, loafers and deck shoes
are permitted.
We would consider that unacceptable dress in The Clubhouse
• hats, caps
• flip-flops
• cargo/hiking and beach style shorts and
• obtrusive sports shirts (football, rugby, cricket etc)
are overly casual and disrespectful within the context of the golf club.
* Shorts should not be worn in the dining room during weekends and evening dining times
• Golf shoes of any kind may not be worn in the lounge or dining room and
We also ask that you change out of any waterproofs, soiled or wet clothing before entering the
lounge or restaurant.
If you have any doubt as to whether or not your standard of dress is compliant and to avoid further
embarrassment, please change.