Ball Chute Procedure

Starting from the 1st and 10th tees

Ball Chute Procedure:
• The 1st and 10th tees are the only tees that can be used to start from.
• All players in 2/3/4 ball must be ready to play and at the ball chute when the ball is placed in the chute.
• Players are not obliged to stay around the chute. They may avail themselves of any facility at the Club. However, it is all players’ responsibility to be ready and prepared to tee off when their ball is next in line. If the players are not ready the ball may be moved and placed at the back of the queue by players who already have a ball in the chute.
• No other interference of balls in the chute will be permitted except with the approval of groups who already have balls in the chute.
• If a player wishes to join a group who already have a ball in the chute, that player should show courtesy to the groups behind that ball by seeking their approval to join the group in question. Such approval is not required from players not at the chute at that time. Games may start at the 10th tee providing that those players playing the 9th hole have not reached the tree with the white band round the trunk on the left-hand side of the 9th fairway. Do not tee off if players have reached or passed the tree.
• Players who have started on the 10th tee and are playing 18 holes will have priority on the 1st tee. Thereafter, games must alternate.
• Members who are playing in official Club competitions and Club knockout matches will always have priority on the tee.
• The Club Captain will always have priority on the tee.
• Please be courteous to your fellow members and observe the rules. If in doubt consult the Club professional.